My second project at Chucklefish was on Starbound, an extraterrestrial sandbox adventure game. My time on this project spanned nearly three years, and I was given the amazing opportunity to create all sorts of varied content for the game. Below you see just a small selection of in-game assets I created during the game's development! There will be more to come!


Wayward Tide

My first project at Chucklefish was on Wayward Tide, a pirate themed rogue-like. The game featured procedurally generated dungeon running, RPG elements and co-operative multiplayer. A few months into working on the game, it was decided to put development of Wayward Tide on hold, with the entire company switching gear towards finishing Chucklefish's flagship game - Starbound. Below you will see a selection of in-game assets and environments I created during the game's short time in development:

Pixel Dailies!

Quick stuff I've done for fun!